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About the Society

The Society’s objects are “to promote the advancement of education in the science, art, history, practice and development of heraldry and allied subjects and the encouragement of their study and practice in Australia.” ​

The Society encourages the correct use of heraldry in Australia and an appreciation of its aesthetic values and continuing traditions.

We pursue our objectives by:

  • Producing a bi-monthly newsletter called The Red Escutcheon (formerly named the Members Circular).​
  • Producing a learned journal called Heraldry in Australia (formerly Heraldry News) three times a year.
  • Maintaining this web site, a Facebook page and a blog.
  • Conducting a regular program of lectures and presentations, including hosting visiting heraldic officers from overseas heraldic authorities, on heraldry and related subjects,
  • Promoting education about heraldry and allied subjects by correspondence, submissions to Parliamentary enquiries and Ministers, proffering advice on heraldic issues related to heritage use, recording and conservation.
  • Assisting those who wish to assume arms under the Laws of Arms of Australia in the absence of an Australian Heraldic Authority, or to obtain grants of arms from overseas heraldic authorities .

Our History

There have been organised heraldry associations in Australia, under a variety of names with a diverse range of objectives, since the early 1960s.

The Australian Heraldry Society Inc. traces its roots to The Heraldry Society, Australian Branch, established in Melbourne in 1973 as a branch of The Heraldry Society of England, with the support of John Brooke-Little, then Richmond Herald of Arms. The Society in its current form was founded in Melbourne as Heraldry Australia Inc in 1992, changing its name to The Australian Heraldry Society Inc in 2008.

On 21 March 2018 the Society amalgamated with the Armorial and Heraldry Society of Australasia Inc. which has its own lengthy history also originating in The Heraldry Society, Australian Branch.

The amalgamated societies continue under the name The Australian Heraldry Society Inc. which holds meetings and events in most states and territories.


Our Arms and Badge





The Society has used its badge since 2006, and the Annual General Meeting held on 21 October 2017 unanimously adopted Arms for the Society.

The meeting resolved as follows:

    1. That the Society adopt as its arms Azure on a Seven-pointed Commonwealth Star Or an Escutcheon Gules a depiction of which by Sandy Turnbull appears in the margin.
    2. That the Society confirm the adoption of the badge which has been in use for some years a depiction of which appears in the margin.
    3. That the Committee be authorised to adopt a banner of the arms of such design as it may decide.
    4. That the Committee be authorised and requested to execute and register an Act of Adoption of the arms, badge and banner recording this act during the 25th Anniversary year of the foundation of the Society.
    5. That the Society not seek a grant of arms, crest, badge or banner until there shall exist an Australian Heraldic Authority with sufficient and clear power to the satisfaction of the Committee to make such grants on behalf of the Queen of Australia.

The Society executed an Act of Adoption of Arms on 27 December 2017 and registered that document in the General Register of Deeds of New South Wales Book 4737 No 447.

On 10 February 2018, shortly prior to its amalgamation with the Armorial and Heraldry Society of Australasia Inc., The Australian Heraldry Society Inc. executed an Act and Deed Poll of Assignment of Arms to the society in course of registration (the present Society) and that Deed was registered Book 3739 No 78.

On 24 February, again shortly prior to its amalgamation with The Australian Heraldry Society Inc., the Armorial and Heraldry Society of Australasia Inc. executed an Act and Deed Poll of Assignment of Arms in respect of the arms granted to it by Lord Lyon King of Arms of Scotland on 30 December 1969



and in respect of the arms granted by the Kings of Arms of England on 30 December 1968 to The Heraldry Society of Australia which later amalgamated with the Armorial and Heraldry Society of Australasia Inc.

That Act and Deed Poll of Assignment of Arms was registered Book 4740 No 326.

Both Acts and Deeds Poll of Assignment of Arms became effective on the registration of the amalgamation and the incorporation of the new Society on 21 March 2018.


Governance of the Society

The management of the Society is vested in a committee composed of four office holders and several general members. All committee members serve one year terms, and are eligible for re-election at the Society’s Annual General Meeting. The AGM is held in spring, usually in late September or early October. Committee members, in addition to their elected position, are also eligible for appointment to a specialised portfolio with the title of vice president. All committee positions are voluntary without remuneration. 

The process of applying for recognition of its Charity status and resulting exemption from income tax.

The Rules of the Society are here

The Society is in the process of applying for recognition of its Charity status and resulting exemption from income tax.

The Office Holders for 2020-21 are:

President: Thomas Sugget

Deputy President: Chris Puplick AM

Treasurer: Geoffrey Gill FCA

Secretary: Stephen Michael Szabo BA(Syd) FSA (Scot)

The General Committee members for 2019-20 are:

  • Richard d'Apice
  • John Cohen
  • Joe Johnson
  • Edward Lewellin
  • Tarquin Nesbitt-Foster

All members are eligible to vote for and hold office within the Society (provided their annual subscription is not in arrears).

Legal Structure of the Society

The Society is an Australian registered charity incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (Victoria), with incorporation number A0102455E (Vic).

The Society is registered as an Australian Registered Body with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission as ARBN 625 557 217 and with the Australian Taxation Office under Australian Business Number (ABN) 21 625 557 217.

The Society's financial year runs from 1 July to 30 June.

Exchanges and Affiliations

The Society maintains good relations and exchanges journals with sibling societies around the world, including:

  • Heraldry Society of New Zealand​
  • Royal Heraldry Society of Canada.
  • ​The Heraldry Society (England).
  • ​The Heraldry Society of Scotland.
  • ​ Heraldry Ireland | Aralias Éireann (https://heraldryireland.com/
  • ​The American College of Heraldry.

The Society is formally affiliated with:

​The Royal Australian Historical Society

President: Richard d'Apice AM

Secretary: Stephen Szabo Esq

2/72 View Street

M: 0431 701 055
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